• EquiFlo

    Therapeutic and rehabilitative care for a variety of equine
    and canine conditions

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy

    Non-invasive therapies to relieve pain, improve quality of life, enhance
    post-operative rehabilitation, restore function and promote performance


Treatment is carried out via yard visits, with referral from your veterinary surgeon. In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 treatment can only be carried out after having received consent from your vet.  Click HERE for a copy of the veterinary referral form.

A full assessment of each animal will be carried out and a program combining a variety of therapies will be tailored to each animal to provide the necessary support required to progress.

An initial assessment will last approximately 90 minutes and a follow-up session will last approximately 60 minutes.  However, each case may differ and some animals may require more time.  Charges will not increase for longer treatments.

As per the TERMS AND CONDITIONS please ensure your animal is clean and dry for treatment and that someone is present with appropriate tack for trot up and handling purposes.  Please note that the animal may require up to a couple of days off work after treatment, so be conscious of booking appointments in the lead-up to competitions.

For equine cases, it may be necessary to see the horse ridden or lunged and to see the horse’s tack.