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    Therapeutic and rehabilitative care for a variety of equine
    and canine conditions

  • Veterinary Physiotherapy

    Non-invasive therapies to relieve pain, improve quality of life, enhance
    post-operative rehabilitation, restore function and promote performance

What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession that encompasses a number of non-invasive therapies to prevent injury, optimise healing, relieve pain, restore function and support athlete performance.

Physiotherapy is actively collaborated within the veterinary industry as a regular part of animal healthcare of all ages from the domestic pet to the performance animal.

Typical indicators that may mean your horse requires physiotherapy

  • An deterioration in performance or change in behaviour
  • Resistance to normal exercise or to perform particular movements
  • Loss of impulsion or willingness to go forwards
  • Uneven muscle development or muscle atrophy
  • Evasion to having tack or rugs put on
  • Uneven wear of shoes or repeatedly pulling shoes off
  • Behavioural changes
  • Stiffness coming out of the stable or when first ridden

Typical conditions

Typical therapies